The Hard Conversation Coach

Root to the Fruit

 Remember that I said that as you will hear it a lot from me!  Many consultants are GREAT at what they do, but many also only handle surface level issues as they are brought to them.  Why.. well several reasons in my opinion but the biggest is we never stop to evaluate from the Root to the Fruit! 

Since 2015, I’ve been providing professional consulting services to clients across the US and beyond. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, my focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship. I’ll work with you to create a customized plan of action for yourself or your organization. My unique vision, realistic, consulting approach is not easy but it provides REAL, LASTING results. I provide clients with a wide range of services that will help them thrive and grow. Whether it’s project planning, business analysis or crisis management - I’m here for my clients, wherever, whenever.

What do I mean by Surface Level Consulting?

A "normal" Hard Conversation Coach using the approach of the 5 "C"s.  






Seems simple enough, right?  Should solve your problem, right?  It does solve the surface problem yes... but what about the actual Root Cause of that Issue?  How are you preventing the problem from happening again?

Fruit to the Root Process

Evaluate = Clarity

 Root vs. Fruit = Fear stage 

Confrontation = Compassion

Root vs. Fruit = Realization stage

Hard conversation and feedback

Problem is the “Surface Problem” but not the cause aka the ROOT = Curiosity (how can you be content with not knowing how you got here?)

Separate FRUIT of the problem and discovering the ROOT of the problem = Confirmation 

Agreement to work from the ROOT which will address the FRUIT and prevent new FRUIT = Commitment