Valued Clients & Partnerships


Owner- Natalie Roberts joined forces with Jameka when she launched her start-up M&A firm back in October of 2019.  Read more from Natalie on her experience with Jameka as they built the business from ground up!

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Owner- Rob Howard partnered with Jameka for strategic lead generation strategies back in August of 2020 and continues to utilize the partnership as needed for the growth of his business.  Check out what Rob has to say!


Owners- Dan & Megan Beattie reached out to Jameka knowing her successful track record for assistant with their growing organization.  Check out what Dan & Megan have to say about the impact Jameka has had on their business!

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Owner- Ling Ko talks about an at chance meeting that resulted in the partnership her business needed.  Check out what Ling has to say about the impact The Hard Conversation Coach has had on her business.


Owner- Danisha Polumbus has been a client for 4 years and can truly testify to the need for a REAL Hard Conversation Coach like Jameka!  Read more from Danisha on her experiences and breakthroughs to success with Jameka's guidance!

Client Review

Jameka has been working a Supporter of GirlTrek for a few year snow. In the footsteps of a civil rights legacy, GirlTrek is a national health movement that activates thousands of Black women to be change makers in their lives and communities — through walking.


Jameka is a PROUD support of BHGH of Colorado.  Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado helps academically motivated high school and college students rise above disadvantaged backgrounds to earn a high school diploma, entry into college, and a college degree through mentoring, tutoring, and scholarship.