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30 Days from Sale to Install.... What does that look like?

My fellow Remodeling Industry Professionals... I have experienced some interesting conversations lately with industry owners & managers concerned with:

* Losing customers due to install delays

* Losing funding due to install delays

* Frustrated sales staff due to install delays

* Frustrated office staff due to install delays

* And therefore I am speaking to a frustrated owner or manager due to "install delays"

What I have found common about these conversations is the focus on the "FRUIT" not the "ROOT"... Setting the proper expectations in the beginning with a Proactive, Prioritized and Productive Process that allows flexibility (as we all know this business loves surprises) Check out the below timeline... How close are you to this? When was the last time you evaluated your days from sale to install lead time? Stay tuned.. tomorrow I will give a little nugget on what causes you to miss the 30 day install goal!

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