Root to the Fruit

When Surface Results Are Not Enough!

Root To the Fruit

A Realistic Approach

My aggressive Root to the Fruit Process Evaluation and Coaching Process consist of a little twist to the standard Five C's expected from a Hard Conversation Coach; Clarity, Compassion, Curiosity, 
Confirmation, Commitment. 

Fruit to the Root Process

Evaluate = Clarity

 Root vs. Fruit = Fear stage 

Confrontation = Compassion

Root vs. Fruit = Realization stage

Hard conversation and feedback

Problem is the “Surface Problem” but not the cause aka the ROOT = Curiosity (how can you be content with not knowing how you got here?)

Separate FRUIT of the problem and discovering the ROOT of the problem = Confirmation 

Agreement to work from the ROOT which will address the FRUIT and prevent new FRUIT = Commitment